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Cisco Champion 2021

I have to admit, when I first read this email, I thought I misread it. So I read it again! I would like to thank Cisco, Tech Field Day, Al Rasheed, Lauren Friedman, Brett Shore, Cisco Champion and all others involved in making this possible. I am HONORED and I humbly accept the responsibility and all else that comes along with being a Cisco Champion.

To learn more about the Cisco Champion Program, click here.

The Cisco Champion includes a plethora of benefits. Some benefits include:

a. Access to training (Cisco Champion-Specific)

b. Access to various technologist worldwide

c. Cisco Champion digital badge to use on your branding tools (i.e. social

media, resume, email signatures during your tenure in Cisco Champion


c. Opportunities for philanthropic activities such as providing feedback on

Cisco-related topics

d. Access to an exclusive Cisco online community/forums

e. Sneak peak at cutting edge technologies

f. Opportunity to participate on the Cisco Champion's Radio

If you would like to learn more about Cisco solutions, please refer to my dear friend, Al Rasheed's Cisco-related blog posts.


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