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Synology DS920+ NAS - How to upgrade to Disk Station Manager 7.0 (DSM)

The purpose of this blog post is to provide a how-to guide on how to upgrade your to DSM 7.0, which is a web-based operating system designed for Synology NAS. If you have yet to initialize the Synology DS920+, please refer to my previous blog post. This is the third blog in my Synology blog series, and I would like to thank you for embarking on this journey with me.

How to upgrade to DMS 7.0

1. Review to the release notes.

2. Back up (recommended) your NAS before updating the DSM.

3. After you’ve successfully backed up your NAS, go to the

Synology Download Center to manually update your DSM.

4. Select the following:

a. Product Category

b. Model

c. OS version, Select Latest

5. Click Download.

6. Select your current DSM version and select your preferred version.

7. Sign into your Synology DS920+, click Control Panel, click Update and Restore.

8. Click Manual DSM Update.

9. Browse to the path of the .pat file, click OK. Please note, DSM version cannot be rolled back.

10. You’ll see the following screen next. Note the transferring data to server status:

11. Carefully review the Update Notice, Check the box and click Next.

12. Carefully review the pop up message, click Yes.

13. During the restart process, you will see the following statuses below:

14. Upon successful restart, sign into DSM.

15. After successful sign in, you’ll see the new and improved DSM 7.0 UI,

click Start.

16. Select the services you’d like enabled and click Apply.

17. To Confirm your DSM was successfully upgraded, go to the home screen, click Control Panel, and click Update and Restore.

This concludes the how-guide. If I have missed anything or if you have any suggestions, please reach out.


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