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Synology DS920+ NAS - Initial Setup Via DS Finder Mobile App

The purpose of this blog post is to provide a how-to guide to initialize your Synology DS920+ via mobile app . To initialize the Synology DS920+ using your workstation, please refer to fellow Nutanix NTC Al Rasheed’s blog post. This is the second blog in my Synology blog series, and I would like to thank you for embarking on this journey with me.

Once you have inventoried and installed all hardware in your NAS enclosure, please do the following:

1. Prior to powering on the NAS server, please review the hardware installation

and user’s guide.

2. To learn more about the Synology DS920+, go to the

3. Connect your Synology DS920+ to your network. Make sure your mobile

device and the Synology DS920+ are on the same network for initial setup.

4. Go to your apple store (Google play store for Android) and search for

DS Finder. Download and install DS finder.

5. Open the DS Finder app and click Set up new NAS.

6. Insert your drives into your NAS.

7. Ensure your mobile device and your NAS are connected to the same network.

8. Power on your NAS on.

9. Once your NAS is detected, the app will provide your NAS info. Click the Install.

10. Click OK on the following popups:

11. Set up your NAS, Click Agree.

12. Enable notification to be notified when the installation is completed, click OK.

13. The installation will begin.

14. To complete installation, your NAS will restart.

15. Upon successful reboot of your NAS, you need to create your administrator account, click create.

16. Upon successful account creation, sign into DSM and click Next.

17. Click Set Up to Manage your NAS anywhere.

18. Click I agree to the terms on the Help Us Improve and click Submit.

19. Install the Drive app for a convenient management experience, click Go.

20. Setup is now complete, and you should an interface such as the following:

This concludes this how-guide. If I have missed anything or if you have any suggestions, please reach out.

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