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  • Anwar Khan

Prism Central upgrade via Nutanix One-Click Upgrade in Prism Central (sans scale-out)

Objective: The objective will be to show you how to upgrade Prism Central via Nutanix One-Click Upgrade in prism central. If you have additional questions not answered in this how-to, please refer to Nutanix release notes and upgrade paths listed below.

Purpose: Prism Central Upgrade via Nutanix One-Click

Prism Element UI: https://PRISM_ELEMENT_URL:9440 (lite management tool)

Current Prism Central version: 20.20.9

Target Prism Central version:

Review Upgrade Paths and release notes prior to upgrade to ensure the upgrade is supported by Nutanix.

1. Once you’ve ensured your upgrade path is supported by Nutanix, perform a Health Check and ensure Data Resiliency (should be in GREEN and rebuild capacity should display YES) on the Cluster before performing any upgrades\updates.

2. Log into Prism Element UI.

3. Ensure Data Resiliency status. You should see the green OK and rebuild capacity available should say YES.

4. Log into Prism Central UI.

5. Run NCC.

a. To understand more on running Nutanix Consistency Checks, click here.

6. Click on Hamburger Icon in the top left.

7. Select Prism Central Settings.

8. Select Upgrade prism central.

9. Click DOWNLOAD.

10. When prompted “Do you want to download pc.xxxx.x.x.x” click YES.

11. Once the download is completed, click the drop down arrow to the right of the upgrade button and click UPGRADE NOW (If you click upgrade, the pre-upgrade checks will still run).

12. You will receive another popup recommending you to run NCC to verify the health of the cluster which you should have already done. If you haven’t done so as instructed, then it’s recommended by Nutanix to use NCC prior to upgrading prism central. Click CONTINUE.

13. During the upgrade process, the Prism Central VM will reboot to apply changes.

14. Once the upgrade is successfully completed, you’ll see the following:

15. If we go to lifecycle manager, we can also verify that Prism central has been successfully upgraded.

16. Ensure Data Resiliency status. You should see the green OK and rebuild capacity available should say YES.

17. Lastly, run NCC checks to ensure there are no errors or failures.

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